The realm was a place of chaos in the beginning. The old races known collectively as the free people held what little they could during those times of upheaval. To survive each race would have to look from within and without to prevent the death and destruction that the cruel world unleashed upon them. Their foes were many. Beasts of chaos born in the churning wild of the dark forests and far below in the deepest depths of the great mountains came eyeless things and creatures of fire and smoke.

Across the plains cyclops roamed hunting for the flesh of the free people. Still yet more dangerous were the chaos titans and their giant kin who sought out the free peoples settlements to slake their ferocious appetite. And perhaps most terrifying of all were the dragons, casting the doom of their shadows upon their prey below.

But in these dark and turbulent times the free peoples learned to use the very power of the elemental chaos to strike back.

Great wars were fought to shape the world to come but the forces of chaos were too great. The end time was upon the free peoples until the coming of the People of Elysium. Beings of terrible power Elysians strode unto the field of battle and used power that to this day has not been seen.

The elysian’s struck at the heart of chaos, the elemental powers themselves and in what has come to pass as the God War, they defeated the elemental powers. However it was impossible to truly destroy such beings as their essence was what made the world. They were broken, their power scattered throughout the world, always present, but never again whole. This was at first seen as a victory to the free peoples but soon their victory turned to ash. The Elementals that had once granted such power to the other races of the free people were now gone, and with their dispersion much of the free people could not remain.

The Elysian’s ruled for a time helping to create the world that still stands today. It is their magical technology that is responsible for many of the innovations that benefit all races. But that was not the end of the troubled times.
worked miracles upon the land. Never sense have such wonders been wrought. The dwarven citadel of Kale Druhl, the great serpent wall of the Lizard Folk, and perhaps the greatest feat of all achieved by the elves, the mastery of raw chaos which has come to be known as magic.
First among the Elysian’s the race of man had grown prideful and arrogant. Jealously fostered in the hearts of the Elves and dwarves.

Reign of chaos
Free people do fine
Humans almost die
Humans pray for saviors
Elysian’s arrive
Elysian’s destroy the elemental gods
Free people lose much power
Humanity rises
Free people are angered and jealous at the arrogance and dismissal of mankind
Free people can do nothing while the Elysian’s exist
The Blood comet is seen
The siren ancient enemies of the Elysian’s arrive
The Elysian’s dispear leaving humanity to a horrible fate at the hands of the Siren
Seeing what will come to pass should they do nothing the Elves gather the might of all the free people and come to the aid of man.
The great war is fought.
The Siren are stopped and their hell gate to their nightmare world is closed.
Much is lost from the world and will never be regained
The free people begin the process of rebuilding.
As time passes old rivalries and foolish pride take root
The blood comet is seen

D&D - The Blood Commet